Objective of this blog


“Skills in programming cannot be achieved by writing a program that gives correct output, but a program that gives correct output efficiently.”

-Hifzur Rahman

The objective of this blog is to make programmers understand that writing a program that gives correct output is not the actual thing needed. We also need to focus on the efficiency of program in terms of space, time and proper documentation. This blog is going to help the programmers to learn the techniques of programming using algorithmic approach and problem solving tactics.

Let us take a simple example, if we asked to write a program to check whether the year inputed is a leap year or not. In this problem people only focus on dividing the year by 4, thinking that the year would be leap. Is that so? The answer is, No. The correct algorithm to check for the leap year is to divide by 400 if year is century and by 4 when year is an ordinary one.

I hope you learn good programming techniques from this blog. Don’t forget to comment in the comment-box, your suggestions and responses are eagerly waited.